'Anticipation of the Naked Man'  2011

How easily I forget that I live in an Island?

My work will be featured in the group art show at Rush Arts Gallery (12/1 ~12/10) in Chelsea, NY and at Crossing Art Gallery (12/10~12/31) in Flushing, Queens.


On December 1st, NYCEDC President Seth W. Pinsky and Curate NYC Executive Producers Brian Tate and Danny Simmons were joined by emerging New York City-based artists to unveil the 150 winning works of art for the second annual Curate NYC exhibition. Curate NYC is a program designed by the City to heighten visibility and increase career opportunities for New York City-based visual artists. With over 1,500 submissions this year, Curate NYC far exceeded the 1,190 submissions the exhibition received in its inaugural year. The 150 winning works of art are reproduced as 11 x 6 inch postcards and exhibited at Rush Arts Gallery + Resource Center in Chelsea. Additionally, five galleriesone per boroughwill also curate and exhibit their own shows of the actual full-size works by Curate NYC artists. The gallery exhibitions will run to February 1, 2012, and additional entries will be featured in special online exhibitions on the project website, curated by noted museum curators and gallery directors.

To preview digital versions of the 150 winning entries go to the Curate NYC. Find out more by reading our press release.

Photo credit: Ed Marshall Photography via The Huffington Post

In the city, I enjoy abundance of autumn foliage in both day and night. As evening approaches, natural is revealed by artificial.  Sky looses its color, and yellow vibrates in the absence of color around. 

Nov. 29, 2011

I wasn’t sure why an empty food display container was placed in front of this small deli store in Harlem.  Was it broken? It did not appear to be thrown out.  Was it waiting for stuffs to be filled in? Or was it just cleaned up?  As a quick passerby, what was captured on this ordinary container made my eyes full!  

Nov. 14, 2011

Yesterday (as well as today), it has been such a gorgeous fall day in New York City.  I happened to walk through Bryant Park and noticed that the park is already geared up for the winter season.

Nov. 09, 2011

After the unexpected winter invasion at the end of October, it was my joy to witness that the autumn in NYC still prevails as I was strolling through Morningside Park with my family on last Sunday afternoon. 

Nov. 03, 2011